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Race Committee Volunteer Primer

HERE is a good primer on what is expected of Race Committee volunteers.  Your Principal Race Officer (PRO) will instruct you on what needs to be done to help run a successful race.  Thank you to all volunteers!


2018 Race Committee Duty Schedule



If you cannot make your assigned race, please contact Rear Commodore Andy Guhl at aguhl@comcast.net as soon as possible so we can attempt other arrangements.   It is your duty to find a fill-in if you cannot do your assigned race.

Scorers' Corner
These functions will export ONLY PAID BOATS as of today (with a 3 week grace period). The data is the current official scoring data, and any discrepancies should be reported to the Measurer.

Download Standard CORA Sailwave File

Sailwave Scoring Instructions
Recording Documents
Contact List


Name Phone Email Position
Andy Guhl 410-805-1749 aguhl@comcast.net Rear Com
Geoff Grout 860-460-0850 wggrout@outlook.com PRO
Chip Till 843-556-6554 chiptill5351@gmail.com PRO
Scott Bartley 843--323-9994 scottbartley@gmail.com PRO
Dan Machowski 843-343-7141 danmachowski@comcast.net PRO
Mary Lou Scott 646-209-4529 marylou.scott@gmail.com PRO
Jeff Doyle 843-824-4672 jdoyle0814@gmail.com Vice Com
Bob Musor   bmusor@hotmail.com PRO
Brenda Doyle 843-697-8635 bdoyle0814@gmail.com Recorder
Robbie Lee 843-709-9667 tigereggs77@gmail.com Scorer
Trudie Ficks 305-393-4259 tficks@bellsouth.net RC
Peter Ward 609.841.7628 ward.peter@gmail.com Boat, RC
Bill Flack 843-352-2889 flackwj@comcast.net RC
Kate Dittloff 7045758499 katedittloff@yahoo.com RC
Knight Galloway 8434122983 csfd336@yahoo.com RC
Chip Eggleton 786-412-0341  chip.eggleton@gmail.com RC
John Watson 203 258 4399 johnearlewatson@gmail.com RC
Marteen Zonjee 843.883.5165 zonjee@comcast.net RC
Marc Deloach 8439066065 delmarboats@gmail.com RC
Amy Kubie 2039845943 ackubie@g.cofc.edu RC
Charles Lent   clent1234@gmail.com Boat
Dick Watson 312-925-0798 dickwatson777@gmail.com RC
Bruce Robinson 843-637-4430 brobinson51@charter.net RC
Alan Barton 615-476-3902 a3mbarton@yahoo.com RC
Scott Strother 843.814 0015 sailinsabrescott@aol.com RC
Susan Cook 843-810-7604 scook@azaleamoving.com RC
Rachel Lindsay 843-224-8352 harborsailor@gmail.com RC
Lisa Machowski 843-343-7175 / 795-9240 liisamachowski@comcast.net RC
Carol Loring 703-201-4394 / 410-474-9344 carolloring2u@gmail.com RC
Pam Smith 843-343-8970 / 723-8756 grantham@musc.edu RC
Priscilla Parker 843-214-0862 / 406-9772 pparkerchs@bellsouth.net RC
Deedee Joyce 843-568-0859 joyced@cofc.edu RC
Susan Hanckel 843-696-8346  whanckel@aol.com RC


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